We, as Turkish mountaineers, are a community of people who are devoted to nature, who take pleasure in conquering the peaks, staying close to the sky and integrating with nature, and believe in the mysterious and peaceful side of the peaks.

With our experienced and trained team in mountaineering, we have the desire to help you, nature lovers, mountaineers and climbers have a climbing experience with confidence and peace by discovering the beauties of the Turkish Mountains with our guidance, accommodation and other facilitating services.

Our office team


One of the most important factors in providing you the very best trips and holidays is our experienced and dedicated office team. Once in contact you will find the help, support and advice you need. All of our office members are passionate travellers and have been on all of the trips by themselves provided on our website, brochures, social networks and/or published in magazines. You will have the opportunity to talk and get advises directly from someone who has been on your chosen trip and can give you best possible advice and the advantage of their own experience.


Our tour leaders


A professional, expert and efficient leadership is essential for any group and trip arranged by Anatolian Climbing Travel. That’s why we care that all of our leaders are well trained and experienced in their field. All of our trips are accompanied by licensed culture and/or mountain/trekking guides, most of them working for us for many years now, with a broad and unmatched knowledge of the areas, cultural and natural environments in which they work. Our elite leader’s expertise and unparalleled enthusiasm are key factors to our successful trips and to deliver you exceptional travel experiences throughout your holiday.



Why travel with us


We, the Anatolian Climbing Travel family, with its experienced office team, expert tour leaders, professional staff and partners all around the country, are the pioneers in designing unique itineraries and in providing highest quality services. That’s why we are partner for some of the world’s most respected adventure companies, travel agents, mountaineers, federations and other elite organizations. All of our published itineraries are well selected and carefully prepared to match our clients travel requirements for an enjoyable and memorable holiday.

Meet our team





Abdurrahman AL

Founder / Mountaineer